contributing to better health and safety
Our Story
HyFives was born out of a concept of hand hygiene monitoring. With over 30 years in remote telecom infrastructure monitoring industry, we began investigating the feasibility of developing an automated system for use in healthcare settings that could monitor and notify in real-time any hand hygiene noncompliance according to WHO “Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene”.  

While such system could add another dimension to hand hygiene compliance improvement, we turned our attention to developing DigiHealth solutions in 2019 to broaden our goal instead. We wanted DigiHealth not only to heighten the importance of hand hygiene but also other key health and safety topics. We believe by nurturing literacy in those topics with DigiHealth, longer lasting of positive behavior change toward hand hygiene and health and safety can then be achieved.  

DigiHealth is our initial solutions for healthcare. We plan to bring health and safety literacy to schools and workplace with DigiSchool and DigiWork in the near future. 

Our goal is to contribute to making a positive and transformative impact on health and safety for everyone by encouraging, empowering, and nurturing literacy in health and safety topics. We cordially invite you to explore possibilities with us! 

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