a tool to heighten the importance of health and safety for healthcare
DigiHealth Overview
DigiHealth are digital displays dedicated to broadcasting multimedia contents that are specifically developed to engage audiences in order to heighten the importance of health and safety in healthcare settings.
DigiHealth multimedia contents incorporate evidence-based information, key elements of guidelines and best practices for infection prevention and control, and health and safety promotion from authoritative organizations. Furthermore, through collaboration with healthcare institutions, DigiHealth contents can be tailored to their specific requirements.
Supported by a cloud-based content management system (CMS), multimedia contents are created, scheduled, and remotely published to network-connected DigiHealth displays. This capability allows these displays to be readily refreshed with updated contents - anywhere and at any time.
Once installed across a healthcare facility, DigiHealth can deliver strategic contents to the right places at the right time according to the user requirements. 

Some of the key applications include: 

DigiHealth Display
DigiHealth display is an industrial-grade digital media player intended for continuous 24/7 operation. In application, the player is secured in a wall-mountable protective enclosure to protect it from regular cleaning and disinfection.
The enclosure is constructed from an aluminum frame with 22⁰ slope on its top and bottom sides for anti-ligature requirements. It is completed with a cover made of thick optically transparent polycarbonate material for high-impact resistance. Together, DigiHealth display is also suitable for use in any behavioral healthcare facility.  

Feature Highlights
Screen: 15.6”, 1920x1080, 16:9 (other configurations also available) 
Network: High-performance WiFi 802.11b/g/n 
Power consumption: 24W (external power adapter) 
Protective Cover
Frame material: aluminum, 0.08” thick 
Top cover: optically transparent, scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 0.24” thick 
Mounting: wall mountable with tamper-resistant Torx screws 

DigiHealth Contents
DigiHealth contents are categorically created based on sources of information from authoritative organizations to cover a wide range of topics relating to infection prevention and health and safety.
Contents consist of media clips. Once put together in a replay time sequence, these media clips form a campaign that can be published to individual media players for presentation to targeted audiences.
By collaborating with healthcare institutions, HyFives can incorporate their existing campaign materials, create new contents based on new information, customize DigiHealth contents, and perform other topical literature research work to create campaigns to better serve the individual institution’s specific needs. Additionally, DigiHealth supports RSS feeds that let healthcare institutions broadcast their messages directly without delay due to content creation for more real-time messaging needs.
To ensure its integrity, any campaign update to DigiHealth displays would be reviewed and approved by healthcare institutions prior to publishing. 

DigiHealth Flexibility
DigiHealth platform supports various types of digital displays, allowing its contents to be delivered not only to DigiHealth displays but also to others with similar capability. This flexibility affords healthcare institutions the benefits of repurposing their existing network of digital displays to take advantage of DigiHealth contents for cost-benefit considerations.
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